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Smoked Spanish Paprika XL 7 oz.

  • FLAVOR PACKED SMOKED SPANISH PAPRIKA: Not all Paprikas are created equal. SPQR Seasonings Smoked Spanish Paprika has been sourced directly from Spain using only the finest red ripe fruit of Capsicum Annuum which is dried, milled & smoked for a signature bold smoky flavor with a hint of spice and sweetness
  • UNMATCHED VALUE IN EVERY BOTTLE: With this XL seven ounce bottle of high quality restaurant grade Smoked Spanish Paprika you get up to 3x the high quality ingredient over store bought processed competitors. This kitchen staple will last meal after meal, bulk buying Smoked Spanish Paprika is the only way to do Smoked Spanish Paprika
  • KITCHEN STAPLE: SPQR Seasonings Smoked Spanish Paprika is a must for any kitchen pantry. Add bold smoky paprika flavor to chorizo sausages, paella, meat, poultry, vegetables, potatoes, seafood, stews, curries, sauces & more from the comfort of your favorite kitchen!
  • ONE INGREDIENT: SPQR Seasonings 100% pure smoked Spanish paprika has no added anti caking agents, fillers, or preservatives added to this seasoning. You can buy with confidence knowing that each bottle of SPQR Seasonings pure Smoked Spanish Paprika powder is as pure as it is fresh.
  • FOOD GRADE P.E.T. PLASTIC CONTAINER: Our food grade P.E.T. plastic containers are designed to keep high quality ingredients fresh over longer periods of time.
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