About Us

How We Started!

Our founding principles are relatively simple. We don’t have an extravagant story that will make your eyes water, but what we do have is a small team of dedicated individuals that are tasked with finding and creating high quality specialty ingredients and seasoning blends that are sustainably sourced and difficult to find in your local grocery stores. We set out to be your go to for these high quality specialty ingredients and wanted to make them available internationally, and we did just that. Our small business was founded with just one seasoning blend and was subsequently launched on Amazon in 2019. We quickly became known as the #1 best selling Everything Bagel Seasoning Brand on Amazon garnering over 20,000+ 4.7/5 star reviews with over 500,000 units sold.

We like to keep things simple by delivering high quality natural and sustainable ingredients without added fillers and anti caking agents in large multi use easy to store containers for lasting freshness.

Where we were, and where are we going?

Today, we boast a high quality branded line of seasoning blends and ingredients that are carefully and sustainably sourced to provide our end customers with a trusted and enjoyable experience. Our products are available at local grocery stores, farmers markets, butcher shops, Amazon, Walmart and right here on our website. We strive to cater to a wide range of customers from your aspiring home chef to your bustling restaurant chains. We operate like a small family putting a personal touch into every product we launch and order we pack. Thank you for becoming a part of, and supporting our small business!