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Pink Curing Salt #1. Quick Cure Premium Prague Powder XL 1.5 Pound Bottle

  • XL BOTTLE OF CURING SALT #1: Enough premium Prague Powder to cure hundreds of pounds of meat, in an easy to store container. Sprinkle directly into your brine, or measure using the dual action cap for direct teaspoon entry, without the mess.
  • THE BEST CHOICE FOR WET-CURING/PRESERVING: sausages, ham, salami's, jerky, game, fish, all types of bacon and more!
  • DEVELOPED WITH YOU IN MIND: SPQR Seasonings, Curing Salt #1 aka Premium Prague Powder was developed with the consumer in mind. Easily store this XL food grade PET Container for long periods of time, allowing you to preserve the highest quality ingredients.
  • CONTAINS 6.25% SODIUM NITRITE: Generally used to wet-cure meat that requires cooking before consumption. Contains the balance of ingredients needed for curing the tastiest meats.
  • ALSO KNOWN AS: Pink Curing Salt #1, Prague Powder #1, InstaCure #1, Tinted Cure, or Quick Cure Salt, is used for short term cures generally less than 30 days.

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